Drawing by Carmel Jenkin,Bearing, charcoal on paper, 81cm x... by Carmel Jenkin

Carmel Jenkin

Drawing by Carmel Jenkin,Bearing, charcoal on paper, 81cm x...

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About Carmel Jenkin

I am an artist living in Melbourne, Australia. My works are principally a series of female nudes. The media I use for drawing are charcoal and ink. For paintings I use acrylic, oil, and occasionally oil stick. Growing up I was exposed to repeated bouts of illness from my mother who suffered from breast cancer over an eight-year period. When I was 15 my mother died. Art had been the only subject at school I seemed to excel in after my mother's death. I started at age 15 exploring the female form in my work, in particular the nude. I would paint the struggles and pain and vulnerability of the body. It became in many ways my escape, my mourning and my healing. After completion of a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Queensland University of Technology I have since had six solo shows and contributed to numerous group exhibitions. With each show I venture into slightly new territory, while remaining loyal to the female form. Commencing with photo-realistic works, moving to gentle, linear works with just the suggestion of female proportion through the line, and then evolving into stronger, more defiantly curvaceous bodies, stripped of facial expression to emphasise how the body itself emotes. I explore different narrative, compositional elements and media, such as ink paintings applied to canvas like drawings. My pieces have always been inherently private and personal for me. I hope you enjoy them.

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